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We know in a SaaS startup journey you’ll come across a lot of marketing hurdles and challenges.

14-20% of startups fail due to poor marketing.

It's not them, but us who are the unlucky lot. We lost the chance to experience killer products and services created by passionate individuals.

Life should be made better. Opportunities must be created. Startups should flourish.

And we've decided to do our bit in reducing the alarming number of failures of startups by doing what we know best - Marketing

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To reduce the alarming number of failures of startups due to poor marketing

Growth Hackers' Spotlight

Meet our creative growth community of highly passionate and super qualified Growth Hackers, Angel Marketers, Content Creators, Developers and Designers.

Abijith Vasanthakumar

Frontend Developer Intern

Sajitha MK

SEO Manager


Video Editor


Growth Enablement Lead

Ajesh Babu

Frontend Developer

Ajith Kumar MV

UI/UX Designer

Akshay Raj PB

Software Developer Intern

Amalraj NJ

Frontend Developer Intern

Arun Tomy

Senior Content Marketer

Ashith Johnson

Perfomance Marketer Lead

Ashly Anto

Associate Project Manager

Ashwin Shaji



SEO Analyst Intern

Jinto Tomy

UI/UX Designer

Jose Gonsalo

Founder & CEO

Kavitha S Nair

Digital Marketing Specialist

Kiran Adithya.J

Content Marketer

Marshall Shelly

Lead Developer

Megha Nanda

Content Marketer Intern

Nishanth PK

Content Marketer

Raiza Varghese

Social Media Marketing Intern

Ramakrishnan CL

Content Marketer

Salil Santh


Seetha Madanan

Senior HR & Admin


UI/UX Designer Intern