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growth.cx has B2B account-based marketing experts who excel in ABM programs, connecting marketing and sales to engage target accounts effectively.

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Our Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Solutions

At growth.cx, we're not just about providing services but about creating solutions that resonate with your business objectives.

Content Marketing

  • Crafting high-quality content tailored for the B2B SaaS sector, designed to convert your ICP.

  • Create blog posts, articles, infographics, case studies, and whitepapers.

  • Localizing content includes incorporating local examples, data, and language nuances.

  • LinkedIn content promotion uses organic outreach and targeted ads to resonate with your ICPs..

  • Lead Generation

  • We create high-value, custom leads designed for targeted accounts in our lead generation strategy.

  • Tailored guides, ebooks, and webinars designed to address the specific challenges of your audiences.

  • Utilization of LinkedIn's powerful tools to capture high-intent leads efficiently.

  • Engaging events with industry experts to nurture prospects and foster conversions.

  • Personalized Outreach

  • High-value accounts will targeted with personalized ABM outreach.

  • Using customized strategies to resonate with each target business's unique needs and interests.

  • LinkedIn for targeted outreach by creating ad campaigns and connection requests for specific ICPs.

  • Personalized Email Outbound Marketing campaigns that resonate with the target audience's needs.

  • growth.cx: ABM & B2B SaaS Marketing Experts

    At growth.cx, we're more than just an agency; we're your trusted partner in the ABM journey. Having collaborated with over 50+ B2B SaaS companies, we've got the experience and commitment to your success set us apart.

    • We sit down with you to understand your goals and craft an ABM strategy that fits your goals.
    • Our team knows exactly how to find and engage your ideal accounts, ensuring we're there at the right platform.
    • We peel back the layers of your potential customers' intentions and buying stages, giving you a clear view of the landscape.
    • Our in-depth analytics and reports give you the necessary information to make effective decisions.

    What sets us apart

    Strategic Planning and Account Selection

    We excel in strategic planning and account selection, employing a sophisticated methodology to identify high-value accounts. We craft ideal customer profiles (ICPs) and leverage predictive analytics to the highest growth potential.

    Personalized Content Creation

    We have a talented team of content creators capable of producing various customized content types, including articles, whitepapers, case studies, and videos. This content is tailored to meet each target account's needs and interests.

    Linkedln & Email Platform Engagement

    growth.cx implements multi-channel engagement strategies encompassing email and LinkedIn. Using a coordinated approach, they deliver seamless and impactful customer experiences across all channels.

    Analytics and Measurement

    We help track the success of ABM campaigns, measuring engagement, influence, and revenue impact at the account level. We focus on ABM-specific metrics such as account engagement scores, pipeline velocity, and ROI.

    Your Roadmap to Success: Our ABM Strategy

    We help your business succeed with a straightforward five-step approach.

    Identify Targeted ICPs

    This involves creating ideal customer profiles (ICPs) to pinpoint businesses most likely to benefit from your solutions.

    Develop Account Insights

    Research and gather detailed information on each target account, including business needs and decision-makers. 

    Personalized Marketing Campaigns

    Design personalized ABM marketing strategies that speak directly to the business interests of each target account. 

    Execute Engagement Strategies

    Implement your personalized campaigns across the chosen channels, ensuring that you engage with the target accounts in a consistent manner. 

    Analyze & Optimize

    Continuously monitor the performance of your ABM campaigns using specific metrics like engagement rates and revenue impact.

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    Frequently Asked questions

    What is Account-Based Marketing (ABM)?

    ABM is called a targeted marketing approach focusing on engaging and converting specific accounts rather than a broad audience.

    How can an ABM agency help us?

    ABM agencies specialize in strategic planning and execution to effectively target and engage key accounts, optimizing your marketing efforts for higher conversion.

    Is ABM for B2B or B2C?

    ABM is primarily used for B2B (business-to-business) marketing but can be adapted for certain B2C (business-to-consumer) scenarios.

    What is the ABM strategy? Is it inbound or outbound marketing?

    ABM incorporates elements of both inbound and outbound marketing. It involves personalized outreach (outbound) to specific accounts while aligning with content-driven strategies (inbound) for engagement.