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Character Animation

Let’s make B2B & SaaS more engaging with a character-based storyline. 

SaaS Explainer Videos Services

How-To-Use Videos

Educate your users with step-by-step guides on how to use your software to its fullest potential.

Whiteboard Animation

Engage your audience with videos that feature hand-drawn graphics and narratives, perfect for product overviews, training modules, and more.

Animated explainer videos

Use motion graphics, trending sounds, and characters to engage the audience and promote your software services.

Product Demo

Highlight the features of your software with in-depth and creative product demos.

Case Studies

Case study videos detail the challenges, solutions, and outcomes, providing concrete evidence of your software's effectiveness.

Promotional Ads

Increase brand awareness, boost sales, and drive conversions with compelling and targeted promotional ads.

Drive Conversions With The Explainer Videos

Customer-centric approach

Target your audience’s pain points with videos that highlight concise and straightforward USPs

Detailed software overview

Create explainer videos that are creative and compelling, and showcase your software products best features.

Direct & clear messaging

Pitch-perfect explainer video scripts that clearly address your product's key features and clearly address the problems it solves.

Our Proven Framework That Makes Your SaaS Product More Visible

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Client Briefing & Understanding the Objective

Meet with the client or account manager to understand the video's purpose, target audience, and desired outcomes, brand guidelines, tone, and style to ensure the video aligns with the company's identity.

Script & Storyboard Review

Collaborate with the content team to prepare and review the script and storyboard.

Asset Collection

Gather all necessary assets, such as footage, graphics, logos, music, and voiceovers, ensuring that they are of high quality and suitable for the video's purpose.

Preliminary Edit

Assemble the footage in the logical sequence to synchronize voice overs or any spoken content with the corresponding visuals, incorporate basic transitions and effects to get a feel for the video's flow and ensure a smooth narrative progression.

Graphics & Animation

Design or incorporate any necessary graphics, lower thirds, or animations that enhance the video's message and branding. Ensure animations are smooth and align with the video's pacing.

Add Sound

Add background music, ensuring it complements the video's tone and doesn't overpower the spoken content. Also, incorporate sound effects where necessary to enhance certain actions or transitions.

Color Correction & Grading

Adjust the footage to ensure consistent and balanced colors throughout, and apply color grading to enhance the mood and tone of the video

Feedback & Revisions

Share the draft video with the internal team first. After receiving internal approval, then share it with the client. Make necessary revisions based on the feedback received.

Final Review & Quality Check

Watch the video multiple times to ensure there are no errors or glitches. Check for any issues with sound, visuals, or pacing.

Export & Delivery

Once approved, we export the video in the desired format and resolution. We then deliver the final video to the client or upload it to the desired platform.

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Frequently Asked questions

How much does a SaaS explainer video cost?

The cost of a SaaS explainer video varies based on factors like

  • Length of the video
  • Complexity
  • Animation style
  • Production quality

How long should a SaaS explainer video be?

A SaaS explainer video should be between 60 to 90 seconds. This duration is optimal for maintaining viewer attention while effectively conveying your software's key features and benefits.

What types of SaaS explainer videos are there?

There are several types of SaaS explainer videos, like:

  • Whiteboard animations
  • Animated explainer videos
  • How to videos, etc.

What are the benefits of using a SaaS explainer video production company?

As the Hiring a SaaS explainer video production company offers several advantages:

  • Leverage better expertise & quality
  • Save time and efforts
  • Better ROI
  • Get hands on best tools

Mistakes to avoid while choosing a SaaS Video Production company

When selecting a SaaS video production company, avoid these common pitfalls:

  • Prioritizing cost over quality
  • Not checking their portfolio
  • Overlooking client testimonials
  • Not discussing revisions