Fractional CMO Services, GTM Consulting: B2B SaaS Startups

Don’t have the money to hire a full-time CMO? No worries!

Hire your Fractional CMO who is 24x7 responsible for the day-to-day marketing deliverables and results at ¼ the cost of hiring a full-time CMO.

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Meet your growth-led Fractional CMO

Jose Gonsalo is a growth hacker and marketer who has scaled 30+ B2B SaaS startups at  

Does he have an MBA in marketing from a highly prestigious B-school?

Well, no, he is neither a Tier 1 B-School Graduate nor someone who has gathered Marketing Certificates. Yet he is a proven, growth-minded, super-passionate Marketer who has learned marketing through experience.

With over 11 years of experience in marketing, he has created strategies that have generated high-quality leads and conversions.

What does it look like to have a 100% dedicated fractional CMO?

The concept of fractional CMO or CMO-as-a-Service involves working on part-time engagement, being unavailable at certain times, and sharing resources.

However, with, this is not the case! Our fractional CMO is fully accountable for your marketing functions, be it managing the team, executing deliverables, driving results, and analyzing strategies, and is 24x7 responsible for the entire marketing activities.

Fractional CMO services

The roadmap: How our Fractional CMO helps you scale your B2B SaaS Startup

Mastering the product

Understanding your product and company beliefs is our b2b fractional CMO's first step to enable the high-growth mode and build a scalable and impactful marketing strategy.

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is an integral part of strategic planning. It allows us to analyze your competitors and see which channel and marketing effort is working best for them and driving results.

Understanding the target market & the ICP

Analyzing your targeted market and audience enables our team to create personalized and more effective strategies and campaigns which will accelerate customer engagement.

Analyzing the customer pain-points

After analyzing the customer's behavior and buying trends, we identify and address their pain points, enabling us to create more solid brand value and a differentiator for your business to stand out from competitors.

Positioning the product right

Upon completing the research, our fractional CMO comes up with a strategy to correctly position your product in front of your target audience and comes up with relevant content ideas.

Creating the Messaging

Once the positioning and ICP are sorted, the CMO defines the right messaging that makes your product stand out from the competition.

Identifying the right channels

The fractional CMO identifies the right channel to distribute the marketing efforts and finalizes which digital marketing space needs more importance, whether it's SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, etc

Growth-fueled marketing strategy

As everything is done and dusted, the fractional CMO comes up with a strategy based on KPIs initially focused only on 2-3 channels in the first 6 months.

Re-optimized strategy every 3 months

Upon completing a quarter, our fractional CMO analyzes KPIs and OKRs to measure performance and do campaign-based reporting. After analyzing the marketing efforts and team performance for a quarter, the fractional CMO comes up with a revised and optimized strategy for the next quarter.

 performance marketing timeline

Key Responsibilities

    • Defining marketing strategy
    • Identifying acquisition channels
    • Brand Management
    • Market Research
    • Product Marketing
    • Managing the marketing team
    • Driving sales growth
    • Budget Management
    • Analytics and Reporting

Key Metrics

Qualified Organic Traffic

MQLs and SQLs

Conversion Rate

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)’s fractional CMO services are for

  • Indie hackers or side hustlers who want to build a proven marketing framework from day 1
  • CEOs who want to unleash marketing leadership to drive fast and reliable growth
  • SaaS startups which have a marketing team but couldn’t hire a CMO due to high cost
  • Bootstrapped, and funded SaaS startups

Onboard your Fractional CMO at ¼ the cost of hiring a full-time CMO

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Frequently Asked questions

How Do You Ensure Deliverables When You Help Multiple SaaS Businesses?

Our fractional CMO is fully responsible for your marketing functions ensuring 24/7 accountability. He manages your team, executes tasks, drives growth, and scrutinizes strategies for optimal performance

How Do I Find The Right Fractional CMO For My Business?

A fractional CMO plays a vital role in developing and planning marketing strategies for any business; therefore, finding the right fractional CMO for your enterprise becomes challenging.

  • Look for the alignment of business goals and vision
  • Consider their previous experience as a marketer
  • Make sure they are experts in your industry
  • Assess their strategy and make sure it suits your business goals
  • Understand their working style and process

How Is A Fractional CMO Agency Different From A Traditional Marketing Agency?

Fractional CMO agencies are different from traditional marketing agencies in the following ways:

  • A fractional CMO agency primarily focuses on marketing strategy development and execution. In contrast, a traditional marketing agency may concentrate more on executing advertising. content creation, and social media management tactics.
  • Fractional CMO agencies generally offer the expertise of senior-level marketing professionals who have extensive experience in marketing strategy development and execution. In contrast. traditional marketing agencies may offer a broader range of services but may have a different level of strategic expertise.
  • Fractional CMO agencies often work closely with the client's internal team to ensure alignment and collaboration, whereas traditional marketing agencies may operate more independently

What Types Of Companies Benefit From Fractional CMO Services?

Any company that needs growth-minded and strategic marketing expertise but needs more budget to hire a full-time CMO can benefit from fractional CMO services. Therefore, companies of all shapes and sizes can benefit from fractional CMO services

How Long Do Companies Typically Use Fractional CMO Services For?

The length of time that companies use fractional CMO services ultimately depends on the specific needs of the company and the goals they are trying to achieve. Moreover, the engagement duration also depends on the scope of work, performance, and time taken to complete a particular task. However, companies generally use fractional CMO services for 6 to 12 months, although some engagements can be for two to three years.

How Do You Know If Your Business Needs A Fractional CMO Agency?

A Fractional CMO agency can benefit businesses that need high-level marketing expertise but need help to afford to hire a full-time CMO. Here are some of the signs that you can consider to know that your business may need a Fractional CMO agency:

  • Lack of marketing expertise
  • Marketing efforts are not producing the expected results
  • There is no clarity on the marketing plan
  • Need to scale your marketing efforts to produce better results

Can Fractional CMO Agencies Work Remotely?

Yes, fractional CMO agencies can work remotely. In fact, many companies prefer to work with fractional CMO agencies because they want to access top talent from anywhere in the world.