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Growth-led SEO Case Study

How did help Datalligence increase their inbound Demos from 2 to 40+ within 7 months?


Organic Demos in the
7th month


Increase in organic traffic
over seven months.


Increase in Conversion
Rate over seven months

About Datalligence AI

Datalligence AI is the best OKR tracking software for optimizing and measuring your goals and tracking progress against objectives.

Pain-points Datalligence addresses

  • Increase productivity and measure performance with a simple and intuitive platform for OKRs, KPIs, & Performance.
  • OKR software aligns with annual goals, tracks key results in real-time, and measures progress seamlessly.
  • Set KPIs and OKRs to align your team with company goals.
  • Effortlessly monitor progress with real-time tracking for data-driven decisions and agility.

Website :

Offices :

Chennai, Tamilnadu

Business Type :

B2B SaaS


  • Even though they had 100+ blogs and relevant products, features, and landing pages, they did not have much qualified organic traffic, signups or demos.

Our Observations & Analysis

  • We identified several technical errors on the website.
  • The website loading speed wasn’t ideal
  • Conversion Rate Optimization wasn’t done
  • UI/UX of important pages were not optimal 

Challenges we faced

  • Keywords were improperly aligned within blog content.
  • There was a lack of internal links and CTA (Call to Action) buttons.
  • Blogs underperformed in terms of engagement and reach.

Our strategy & execution

Phase 1: First Quarter

  • Developed a comprehensive content strategy and guidelines for structuring blogs and pages.
  • Provided suggestions for improved blog/page design.
  • Did keyword research
  • Did competitor analysis
  • Did ICP research
  • Created keyword clustering and suggested content topics to the Content Team
  • Did Technical SEO Audit and fixed all technical website errors.
  • Fixed URL slug format and redirected old URLs to address issues.
  • Corrected all errors listed in Google Search Console (GSC).
  • Started broken link repair and backlink-building activities.

Phase 2: Second Quarter: August - October 2023

  • Increased organic traffic and organic leads were achieved by improving the content strategy.
  • Content optimization suggestions were provided for older content.
  • The content strategy of competitors was analyzed.
  • Suggestions were made to improve organic lead generation with SEO landing pages.
  • Website page performance was regularly analyzed, and optimization recommendations were offered for those pages that had seen a drop in traffic.

Phase 3: Third Quarter: November 2023 - January 2024

  • Expanded the number and strategy of TOFU (Top of the Funnel) and BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel) blogs to enhance both traffic and signups.
  • Researched new keywords specific to the USA region.
  • Completed Customer Journey Map analysis with Microsoft Clarity and identified paths using Google Analytics 4.
  • Provided optimization suggestions for existing landing pages.

What worked?

  • The optimized content strategy increases organic traffic and signups/demos.
  • Success was achieved in generating quality organic signups/demos.

What didn't work?

  • Nothing really

End Result

  • Generated 40+ organic Demos in the 7th month with Conversion Rate Optimization.
  • Increased monthly organic traffic from 3,400 to 7,500 within 7 months.
  • Google Search Impressions rose from 370K to 563K within 7 months.

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