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How did help Foaps achieve 730 leads in just 3 months?


increase in social media


organic traffic achieved in
just 9 months


leads in 3 months

About Foaps

Foaps is a restaurant order management system that helps hotels and restaurants manage their online orders more effectively through a single window.

Pain-points Foaps addresses

  • Modernize your restaurant operations with this restaurant management system.
  • Streamlines order management for handling online orders from a single point.
  • Automates menu and pricing updates.
  • Facilitates seamless collaboration with multiple delivery partners.

Website :

Offices :


Business Type :

B2B SaaS

Regions :


Buyer Persona:

Restaurant Owners selling online through Swiggy & Zomato


  • The product was launched recently and had fewer than 10 paying customers.
  • Initially, they needed to scale organically, and once the basic elements had been established, they wanted to focus on performance marketing.
  • They needed to improve their visibility and credibility.

Our Observations & Analysis

Social Media Marketing

  • They had little to no online presence, so we needed to get their main social media channels up and running.

Search Engine Optimization

  • They hadn’t done anything on SEO, so we decided to begin with technical SEO improvements.


  • With just 4-5 pages on their site, it was crucial to develop a content strategy and calendar.

Performance Marketing

  • They hadn’t done anything on performance marketing.
  • We needed to plan a strategy to take off once the organic activities were on track.

Challenges we faced

  • Client communication: Since most of the potential customers (Restaurant owners/managers) weren't from a tech-related background, we needed to think of something simple in the communication strategy.

Our strategy & execution

Social Media Marketing

  • We identified Instagram as their primary channel and developed a social media calendar accordingly.
  • We began rolling out creatives according to the calendar, incorporating graphics, carousels, and motion graphics.
  • We also launched a giveaway tied to a local event (Onam), which resulted in gaining over 200 followers in just 4 days.

Content marketing 

  • We created a content calendar, selecting topics based on the outcomes of keyword clustering.
  • And began publishing content, including 8 blogs per month.

Performance Marketing 

  • The initial month was dedicated to launching carousel ads and video ads in English to the audience via Meta campaigns.
  • While optimizing these campaigns, we simultaneously launched two additional campaigns featuring testimonial videos—one for a premium restaurant and the other for a regular restaurant.
  • Leads from these campaigns contributed to an overall reduction in lead cost.
  • We focused on reach and brand awareness as part of our top-of-funnel strategy.
  • We began by boosting existing social media content and selecting the most engaging content for promotion.
  • Awareness campaigns were developed around customer video testimonials.
  • After 2-3 months, we initiated lead generation campaigns on Meta using instant lead forms.

What worked?

  • The giveaway campaign significantly boosted our follower count and broadened our reach.
  • Our SEO strategy effectively enhanced search visibility, leading to an increase in organic traffic.
  • We crafted a content strategy that produces relevant and engaging content tailored to our target audience's interests.
  • Through testimonial videos, we successfully built trust and motivated potential customers to register for demos and signups.

What didn't work?

  • In fact, nothing!

End Result

  • Over 730 leads were successfully generated through performance marketing strategy.
  • A predictable sales pipeline was built in 45 days.
  • Reduced the Cost Per Lead (CPL) from INR 85 (Phase I) to INR 47 (Phase II).
  • Achieved a remarkable 589% increase in followers in Instagram.
  • Increased organic traffic from 800 to 10,000 visitors in just 9 months.

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