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Growth-led SEO and Content Marketing Case Study

How did help Kriyam to increase their impressions and traffic within 3 months?

About Kriyam

Kriyam is a platform that facilitates field investigations in the BFSI sector, especially in the insurance field, with end-to-end tracking, video KYCs, and other online KYC management systems.


  • They provided specialized field verification software designed for field investigations, facing the challenge of having a minimal Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) within India. They had no impressions or traffic to their website. The strategy involved setting up targeted blogs aimed at their financial sector ICP audience, with the goal of increasing website visibility and engagement.

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B2B SaaS

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Our Observations & Analysis

Search Engine Optimization

  • Our SEO team's focus on the keyword list was challenging because the client was unsure of the target ICP.


  • We conducted detailed competitor research to pinpoint the top-performing blogs on their sites.
  • And analyzed trending and high-value keywords to shape the content strategy effectively.
  • We investigated current trends to identify the most trending topics for our target audience.

Challenges we faced

Search Engine Optimization

  • Getting a customer demo was complex since they didn’t have an exact idea about the target ICP.


  • Our primary challenge was the limited Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) count, ranging from 10k to just 100k across India within the finance sector.
  • Getting a customer demo was complex since they didn’t have an exact idea about the target ICP.
  • Thorough and precise research was essential due to the limited research material for content creation.

Our strategy & execution

Search Engine Optimization

The initial 3 months were targeted to the following activities

  • Competitor Analysis
  •  Keyword Analysis
  • Blog Page Suggestions
  • New Website Checklist
  • Perform Technical Audit Report 
  • GSC and GA Reporting
  • Start Error Fixing based on Technical Audit
  •  Sitemap, Robots File Updation
  • Brokenlink Analysis
  • Page Speed Insight Monitoring
  • Redirection Error Fix
  • Start Errors Listing on Google Search Console
  • Canonical Tag checking and updation
  • Query Analysis Of GSC
  • Create MS Clarity Account
  • Optimisation Suggestions based on Query Analysis
  • Keyword gap Analysis wrt competitors
  • Complete all sort of initial website optimization
  • SEO landing Page Suggestions
  • Performance Audit of Blogs 
  • Set up Conversion Tracking on GA
  • Data collected for Creation of GMBP

Content marketing 

  • Set up a result-driven strategy for their software, targeting the Indian audience.
  • Identified trending keywords related to the sector, focusing on high-value terms for blog creation.
  • We produced 8-10 SEO-optimized blogs monthly based on trending keywords and topics.
  • Our content team ensured proper scheduling and publishing of blogs to drive traffic to the website.
  • Also implemented conversion optimization strategies for the website.

What worked?

  • Everything went according to plan and the roadmap.
  • SEO-optimized blogs increased traffic.

What didn't work?

  • GMBP was not created.
  • The customer base was minimal, so conversion was complicated.

End Result

  • Organic traffic grew from 10 to 35.
  • The impression rate saw a significant increase from 113 to 13,700.
  • The click-through rate improved from 8 to 45.
  • All the SEO-optimized blogs aimed for higher impressions.
  • The proper utilization of meta titles and descriptions boosted click-through rates.
  • Our blogs helped them gain strong brand authority.

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