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Growth-led SEO and Content marketing Case Study

How did we help Qandle increase their organic traffic by 504% in 9 months?


growth in just 9 months
from 3,983 to 24,056 monthly organic traffic

About Qandle

Qandle is a cloud-based HR solution designed for progressive organizations, covering all HR activities from hiring to retirement. It offers a user-friendly platform with mobile apps and chatbots for users on-the-go. It's modular, flexible, and ensures smooth and quick implementation, aiming to provide a next-gen experience to teams. Qandle offers add-ons like Shift Planning, Timesheets, Field Force Tracking, and HR Advisory.


  • Qandle provides an all-encompassing HR platform, integrating 36 applications that fulfill every requirement in core HR, talent management, payroll, and business expenses.
  • The platform guarantees a hassle-free setup within two weeks, requiring no installation and allowing easy importation of past data and company policies.
  • It is built with a future-oriented approach, incorporating the latest technologies, a strong mobile focus, and superior analytics to aid better decision-making, ensuring 99.99% uptime reliability over the last three years.
  • Qandle offers full-service payroll & compliance, delivering integrated, error-free services with free support from payroll and compliance experts.
  • The platform manages end-to-end business and travel expenses administration efficiently for all employees and managers.
  • It ensures bank-grade security, compliant with PCI DSS, and provides end-to-end encryption of all transmitted data (SHA-2, 2048-bit).

Website :

Offices :

London, Hong Kong & Delhi

Business Type :

B2B Enterprise SaaS


  • They published more than 100 blogs, but the traffic generated was less than 4000 per month.

Our Observations & Analysis

  • The on-page and technical optimizations were not done properly.
  • Their webpage and blog structure were poor.
  • The blog was in a subdomain. Google considers a subdomain as a separate website, which affects its ability to drive traffic.
  • Poor topical authority

Challenges we faced

  • We had to convince their technical team about the impact on SEO to move the blog from a subdomain to a subfolder.

Our strategy & execution


  • Initiated Technical SEO practices to ensure the website is optimized for search engine crawling and indexing.
  • Implemented On-Page SEO strategies to optimize individual web pages, ensuring they rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines.
  • Developed a keyword strategy, focusing on TOFU (Top of Funnel), MOFU (Middle of Funnel), and BOFU (Bottom of Funnel) keywords to target users at every stage of the buying funnel effectively.
  • Identified Pillar and Cluster keywords to organize content effectively and improve SEO, ensuring each pillar has related cluster topics to enhance the website's search engine ranking.

Content marketing

  • Developed a content calendar based on pillar and cluster keywords, average monthly search volume, ICP search queries and keyword difficulty, creating over 10 cluster topics for each pillar following the TOFU, MOFU, BOFU structure.
  • Generated blog/page topics based on the cluster keywords identified in the content strategy.
  • Wrote well-researched and reader-friendly content pieces on BOFU, TOFU, and MOFU blogs, emphasizing the capabilities of and how they distinguish themselves from the competition.
  • Distributed the created content across multiple platforms to maximize reach and engagement.
  • Identified existing pages that could be optimized to rank on Google's first page and arranged them in priority order for optimization.
  • Optimized existing blogs to improve readability and engagement, tailoring the content to address the target audience's pain points effectively.

What worked?

  • Placing blogs under a subfolder proved effective, generating a significant amount of qualified traffic.
  • Optimizing the structure and messaging of the homepage contributed to improved conversion rates.

End Result

  • Organic traffic increased from 3,983 to 24,056 (504%) in 9 months.

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