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How we built a $420k pipeline for Retable (Airtable alternative) in 3 months?


CAC Reduced


CTR improvement



About Retable

Retable is a free and versatile online spreadsheet database software, perfect for organizations of all sizes that need collaborative tools. Its spreadsheet-style interface makes data management seamless, offering customizable views, real-time collaboration, and straightforward reporting. Accessible from any device, Retable simplifies data handling with diverse column types and code-free automation, giving users full control over their data.

Retable's features

  • Free online spreadsheet database software.
  • Capability to manage complex data in an organized and customizable online database.
  • A spreadsheet-like interface for user familiarity and ease of use.
  • Multiple views for real-time collaboration, data management, and simple reporting.
  • User control over data for flexibility and data security.
  • Real-time collaboration features to keep all team members updated.
  • A user-friendly interface to simplify the management of projects and business workflows.
  • A no-code platform, reducing the need for software teams or in-depth technical knowledge.


  • They were running campaigns in Turkey and India.
  • There were only a few signups happening initially.
  • From the traffic campaigns they were generating more unqualified leads.

Website :

Headquarters :

London, UK

Business Type :

B2B SaaS

Ideal Customer Profile :

Regions: US, Singapore, India, Turkey

Buyer Persona: Managers, HRs, Business Analysts, Marketers

Domains: IT

Company Size: SMBs

Our Observations & Analysis

We identified several key issues with the client's strategy:

  • The right communication strategy was not in place.
  • The potential demographics hadn't been accurately identified.
  • The click-through-rate (CTR) was disappointingly low.
  • The client's focus was mainly on traffic campaigns.

Challenges we faced

Upon understanding Retable's business and its challenges, we began formulating a growth strategy. However, we encountered several obstacles in the process:

  • Identifying potential demographics.
  • Eliminating junk leads, an ongoing issue throughout the first phase.
  • Improving the CTR.
  • Identifying the right communication channels and strategies.

Our strategy

Once we gained a comprehensive understanding of Retable's business, audience, and goals, we expedited our research process. We crafted a plan to ensure our content was engaging, effective, and perfectly aligned with their objectives.


  • Google
  • Meta: Facebook & Instagram


  • Google - Performance Max, Search Campaigns, Display Campaigns
  • Meta - Traffic Campaigns, Sales Campaigns


  • Deployed discount-oriented creatives as part of our strategy to spark consumer interest.
  • An urgency creation strategy was also used to stimulate demand.


  • As a key component of our campaign, we developed a Black Friday sale video. The goal was to generate maximum signups and drive substantial traffic to our website.

Our execution

Phase I: 30-45 days

  • We initiated website traffic campaigns on Meta and Google.
  • Different types of creatives and audience segments were tested using A/B testing, including single ads, carousel ads, video ads, and 30-second video ads.
  • Various messaging strategies were also tested:
  • Direct one-liner descriptions of the product, which appealed to those already familiar with the product.
  • Highlighting the product's unique selling points (USPs).
  • Featuring product testimonials.
  • We also set up Google Performance Max campaigns.

Phase II: 46th day to till 3 month

  • We started website traffic campaigns with a sales objective on Meta, specifically aiming to increase sign-ups.
  • The successful ad creatives from Phase 1 were incorporated into this campaign.
  • Google Search and Display campaigns were also set up concurrently, featuring similar messaging to the Meta campaigns.
  • We implemented retargeting ads on Meta and initiated database campaigns, including retargeting and lookalike audience targeting.
  • We focused on campaigns driving event conversion-based sign-ups.
  • Specific location and region-based ad group campaigns were launched to reduce the cost per lead.

What worked?

  • Effective Google Search Campaigns

Our strategic Google Search campaigns successfully drove a significant number of sign-ups, illustrating the effectiveness of targeting users actively seeking out our product/service.

  • Optimized Google Display Campaigns

Our Google Display campaigns demonstrated impressive click-through rates (CTRs). This extended our reach and ultimately boosted our overall sign-up numbers, highlighting the power of visibility across the expansive Google Display Network.

  • Focused Remarketing Efforts

Our remarketing ads targeted users who had previously interacted with our product but had not yet signed up. By re-engaging these potential customers, we successfully encouraged them to complete the sign-up process.

  • Personalized Advertising

By creating ads tailored to individual users' preferences and behaviors, we were able to bring them back to our product and complete the sign-up process, demonstrating the effectiveness of personalized advertising.

What didn't work?

  • Single poster creatives did not help in bringing conversions.
  • Traffic ads initially generated many unwanted leads.
  • Initially going with wide demographics, made cost per click very high.

End Result

  • Generated 350 signups with a budget of $2,567
  • CAC reduced from $15.92 to $7.29
  • Generated 132733 clicks and 3179904 impressions
  • Increased the CTR to 4.12%
  • Built a pipeline of $420K

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