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How To Growth Hack Your B2B SaaS Agency: A Complete Guide

B2B SaaS Growth Hacking Strategies

If you’ve been using traditional marketing methods in the old school for your B2B SaaS, you’re not seeing the growth you’re aiming for. The world of marketing has shifted, and it’s time for your strategy to follow the trends. 

Many agencies are adopting an innovative approach called “Growth Hacking” to achieve accurate success for their businesses. This strategy involves a complete shift in perspective towards growth, with the aim of increasing brand visibility and boosting revenue. It is not merely a set of quick fixes but a comprehensive approach that promises long-term results.

In this blog, we’ll explore the best growth hacking strategies, growth hacking agency, and real-life examples that show you how to incorporate them into your B2B SaaS plan. 

What Is Growth Hacking In B2B SaaS?

what is growth hacking in B2B SaaS

Growth hacking is the process of experimenting and implementing various marketing strategies to drive business growth. In B2B SaaS agencies, growth hacking focuses specifically on utilizing innovative techniques and tools to acquire and retain customers cost-effectively.

Growth hacking is an essential approach in B2B SaaS agencies. It’s an innovative approach to growth, focused on experimentation across marketing channels. It assists in product development and in identifying the most effective ways to grow a business.

Here is a visual representation of the difference between traditional marketing, growth marketing, and growth hacking, making the concept easier to understand.

traditional marketing vs growth marketing vs growth hacking

In B2B SaaS companies, it acts as a mix of marketing, software development, and analytics that helps the company grow. There is a difference between growth hacking and growth marketing; you can look at the table for the difference. 

Growth Hacking Strategies & Tools for B2B SaaS

Growth hacking focuses on identifying the most effective ways to grow a B2B SaaS business quickly. Here are some of the top growth hacking strategies that B2B SaaS agencies use to drive growth and achieve success.

1. Product-Market Fit 

Product-market fit is the process by which a product satisfies a strong market demand. It’s the foundation upon which successful growth hacking strategies are built. 

Product Market Fit

To achieve product-market fit, companies often pivot their product based on user feedback, conduct A/B testing to refine features, and seek customer insights through surveys and beta testing.

Growth hacking strategies focused on rapid experimentation, customer feedback, and data-driven decision-making. It can propel a company from attaining product-market fit to scaling successfully in the market.

2. Automated Lead Generation

You can utilize the technology to automatically draw in and collect leads, bypassing the need for manual efforts. This ensures a continuous supply of potential customers into the sales funnel, streamlining the process from prospecting to conversion.

  • Significantly reduces the time and resources spent on manual lead generation activities.
  • It enables businesses to effortlessly handle a large volume of leads, allowing for growth without proportional increases in effort or costs.
  • It guarantees a steady flow of leads and ensures that sales teams have a constant pipeline of prospects with which to engage.
  •  Automated tools can segment leads based on their behavior or preferences, allowing for more targeted and personalized marketing efforts.

Automated Lead Generation Strategy

  • Social Media: Utilize platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to engage with potential leads through targeted ads, posts, and direct messaging.
  • Website Visitors: Deploy tools like pop-ups, live chats, and contact forms to capture information from visitors interested in your products or services.
  • Email Subscribers: Collect email addresses through subscription forms and offer value in return, such as newsletters, industry insights, or exclusive offers.

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3. Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing revolves around creating compelling content or promotions that naturally encourage sharing among users. This strategy aims to foster a rapid spread of information, dramatically boosting brand recognition and the uptake of products or services.

By tapping into users’ networks, viral marketing exploits the power of word-of-mouth on a massive scale, often resulting in exponential growth.

Growth Hacking Strategy for Viral Marketing

  • Craft Shareable Content: Develop content that not only resonates with your target audience but also incites the desire to share. This could be due to the content’s uniqueness, utility, or entertainment value.
  • Leverage Social Proof: Showcasing success stories, user testimonials, or endorsements can significantly increase trust and credibility. It also makes users more likely to share the content with their network.
  • Encourage User-Generated Content: Initiatives that motivate the audience to create content related to your brand to increase engagement. It also helps in the organic spread of your marketing message.
  • Make Sharing Simple: Implementing user-friendly sharing mechanisms can significantly enhance the likelihood of your content going viral. This includes easy-to-use social sharing buttons or embedding features.

4. Leverage AI Technologies

At this time, AI has gained too much popularity, as it helps us in all our work by increasing productivity. It comes with AI-driven insights like these, which help optimize your product or service and marketing strategies. You can integrate chatbots in your website or in your app that provide instant queries. These types of AI technologies help instantly handle all customer queries. 

5. Free Trials

This particular growth hacking strategy is essential in the B2B SaaS world. You can give them an option to see your product quality and test the product’s results. This free trial makes an impression on your visitors’ hearts. They will be eager to sign up for your premium package after they enjoy their service free for over a time. 

6. Email Marketing Strategy

This is also a critical growth hacking aspect in B2B SAAS marketing. Email marketing is used by people to slowly build trust among your targeted audience. You can set up an email marketing tool for this or hire an email marketing agency to easily download it with expertise. 

Perform email marketing strategy by considering these points. 

  • Use email automation
  • Take the time to get your subject line right
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Give free or discounts
  • Tell a story
  • Send marketing emails often
  • Don’t forget your email signature
  • Rely on social proof
  • Test, test, and test your emails some more
  • Resend relevant emails
  • Keep perfecting the process

They will assist you with checking your targeted audience and addresses and narrowing down all the targeted buyer persona. This growth hacking strategy helps you to increase open rates, click-throughs, and conversions of your website. 

7. Leverage Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is another rising growth hacking strategy that helps you build a strong community through social media. They will seamlessly engage your services or products through proper marketing on all the social media platforms.

  • Use influencer content as paid social ads
  • Podcasts
  • Use brand ambassadors
  • Try contests and giveaways
  • Influencer marketing on Instagram

You can set up webinars, guest blog posts, or campaigns with these influencers. And having endorsements from influencers can also impact your business. 

8. Content Marketing

In 2024, the content marketing industry will grow to be worth $600 billion. You can use content marketing at the best as your growth hacking strategy. You can write and publish insightful, authoritative content for your website. 

You have to research that particular topic and add insightful data, and thus, the content attracts high-quality leads. Also, use SEO to set up the content by utilizing correct keyword suggestions that attract your target audience. Set up a content marketing strategy with these right strategies and get as many conversions for your service as possible. 

  • Define Goals and Align with Your Business KPIs

Setting clear goals aligned with your business’s KPIs is the first step in a targeted growth hacking strategy. Every content marketing effort increases website traffic and boosts conversion rates, making your growth efforts measurable.

  • Know Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is critical. You have to know who they are, their pain points, preferences, and behaviors. By knowing your target customers, you can tailor content to speak directly to their needs. 

  • Discover Potential Keyword Research

Keyword research is helpful for optimizing your content for search engines. Identifying the keywords your target audience uses in their search queries can enhance your content’s visibility online and make it easier for potential customers to find you. 

  •  Structured Content Calendar

A well-organized content calendar is essential for planning and executing your content marketing strategy. It helps you maintain a consistent publishing schedule and manage content creation and distribution across various platforms. It also ensures your marketing efforts are aligned with important dates and events, keeping your content relevant and timely.

  • Repurpose Content with Different Formats

Repurposing content into different formats extends the reach and effectiveness of your original material. For example, a blog post can be changed into an infographic, video, podcast episode, or social media post to cater to different audience preferences. 

  • Experiment with CRO

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) experiments involve tweaking your website or content to improve the likelihood of the audience taking desired actions, such as signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase. Like changes to the layout, copy, or call-to-action buttons, as well as adjusting.

  •  Utilize Visual Content

Visual content, like images, infographics, and videos, is more engaging and shareable than text alone. It can convey complex information in an easily digestible format, attract more views, and encourage more shares on social media.

  • Sharing to Social Media Platforms

Sharing your content on social media platforms expands its reach and visibility. By leveraging the networks where your audience spends their time, you can drive traffic back to your site. This helps increase brand awareness and engage with your community directly.

  • Target Email Marketing Campaigns

An email marketing campaign allows you to communicate directly with your targeted audience. Deliver emails with targeted content that converts them into customers. You can segment your target list and personalize content, making your messages more relevant and effective.

Hire A Growth Hacking Agency

If you are having trouble deciding on growth hacking strategies or are confused about which one to choose, you can always hire a growth hacking agency. A reliable agency will use the strategy that suits your company’s needs.

growth.cx is a well-known growth hacking agency that has worked with over 50+ clients worldwide. The growth team is exceptional not only for their expert knowledge of marketing trends but also for their innovative implementation of every growth hacking strategy. 

growth.cx full-service marketing agency

They assist companies in leading their marketing teams to achieve their growth goals with the right strategic approach. growth.cx has a full team dedicated to perfectly executing your growth hacking strategy.

  • Developing an ideal and realistic strategy.
  • Guide everything from a marketing POV.
  • Mapping KPIs for business goals, allocating targets to those KPIs, and continuously measuring them.  
growth.cx fractional saas marketing team

growth.cx services are for 

  • SaaS startup that is stuck but needs to increase conversion rate
  • startups need to validate PMF with ‘N’ no of MQLs and feedback in the MVP stage
  • Startups that need to experiment and identify a new channel for acquisition 
  • startups that need to get the early signups /demos/conversions quickly

Other Services 

Case Studies of Successful B2B SaaS Growth Hacks

1. Spotify


Spotify successfully used the free trial models as its growth hacking strategy. They set up some features in the free version and offer premium features in the Freemium package. Also, the free trials allow users to experience the features before committing to a purchase or subscription. Both these strategies help users quickly enter and explore the product without any risks. 

The Spotify tool provides users access to a vast library of songs, but that comes with ads in between the songs and limitations on offline listening. So when going to the premium side, you will not see the ads and offline listening. 

2. Dropbox


 Dropbox is setting up its referral program as its growth hacking strategy. The company started to offer free additional storage space to users who referred their friends. And within that growth hacking campaign, they have successfully acquired millions of customers at a low cost. They drove a 3,900% growth in just 15 months with this referral program growth hacking strategy.

3. Instagram


Instagram offers users what they want with the right user experience and ease of use platform. In its first launch, it had only 10,000 users and has not stopped growing. It will hit 1.3 billion users in 2024 and will increase in the coming year. Instagram always keeps up with its customers’ needs and expectations. 

4.Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington set up a successful growth hacking strategy with influencer marketing. The company set up influencing with a wide range of influencers that allowed them into various niches and reached a broad audience at a fraction of the cost. 

The company set up a strategy on Instagram that leverages the platform by showcasing their watches with influencers with their Instagram audience. The campaign also set customers to post their pictures with the watches using specific hashtags as they reach a community around the brand. 

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In conclusion, selecting the right growth hacking strategies for the unique needs of your B2B SaaS company is important. The strategies in this blog will assist you in driving revenue and enhancing brand growth in 2024.

If you feel that implementing these growth strategies is becoming overwhelming, consider hiring a growth marketing agency. With their experience and insights, you can confidently reach potential obstacles and make seamless progress toward achieving your company’s growth objectives.

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