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Top Content Marketing Trends for SaaS in 2024

SaaS content marketing trends

SaaS content marketing is way changed when it comes to 2024; just look at these stats, 

  • For 57% of SAAS companies, creating content is a key marketing strategy.
  • 74% of B2B marketers said that providing proper value is the top factor in content marketing. 
  • 78% of SaaS marketing CMOs view content marketing as the future of marketing.

These stats say that if your SaaS business is not yet utilizing content marketing, it is high time the strategy is adopted. Whether you’re new to content marketing or an expert who aims to improve your techniques, this blog is perfect for you.

We can discuss the current content marketing trends in this blog and, as a bonus, tip to know the best SaaS content marketing agency for you.

Importance of SaaS Content marketing 

SaaS content marketing is always important because it directly influences customer acquisition, engagement, and revenue growth. It is entirely different from regular marketing strategies. SaaS content marketing is mainly known for its audience-centric approach, which addresses the pain points of the target audience and understands the challenges. 

Importance Of SaaS Content Marketing

The provided statistics highlight the significant impact of content marketing in the SaaS industry: a 30% higher growth rate, improved client retention by 5-10%, and a 647% return on investment. 

Also, it was identified that most recognized SaaS brands utilize blogging for educational content. And 48% of B2B buyers interact with multiple pieces of content before they speak to the sales representative. All this proves the importance of informative strategic content in the investment and retention of clients.

Here are the reasons why SaaS content marketing is important for your business, 

  • Educating Potential Customers: SaaS marketing involves many new ways that may make it difficult to understand the audience. SaaS content marketing helps attract potential customers by properly educating them. This can be done by creating educational blogs, articles, ebooks, whitepapers, and webinars. 
  • Trust Of Your Audience: Trust is always the major factor for any business. Content marketing helps in building trust by demonstrating thought leadership and industry expertise. You can share knowledgeable content regularly within your niche and build trust. 
  • Improves Rankings in SERPs: Effective content marketing strategies enhance your SaaS company’s visibility in search engines. Targeting a specific audience and making strategies for them can help you attract traffic and conversions to your SAAS business. Make your website content seo optimized, add and resolve user queries, and give them the proper solutions. 

SaaS Content Marketing Trends in 2024

6 SaaS Content Marketing Trends

Here, we can discuss the most SaaS content marketing trends that will be popular in 2024

1. Interactive Content

Interactive content will become popular in SaaS’s content marketing strategy in 2024. This type of content offers an engaging way to captivate potential customers for your business. Tools like calculators, quizzes, and interactive infographics provide a personalized experience that helps attract users. It also helps to engage them longer than other content. You will get higher retention rates and more effective lead generation. 

  • Interactive Infographics: These contain several layers where users can interactively navigate to get more information. They can make large amounts of information easier to consume and more interesting, allowing users to realize the advantages of using a SaaS product or service.
  • Quizzes and Surveys: These are ideal for the engagement of the target audience and can be used for research purposes to identify users’ preferences and wants.
  • Interactive Videos: Interactive videos engage viewers and can considerably deepen the time people spend with the content. This is effective for learning, which is especially important when explaining SaaS solutions.
  • Interactive Calculators: These tools can be utilized to demonstrate the benefits of the SaaS solution to the potential customer, such as ROI, cost savings, etc. This type of engagement benefits the user by helping showcase the viability of the SaaS product in practice.
  • Interactive Whitepapers and E-Books: Transitioning from conventional long-form content to more engaging formats can dramatically increase its popularity. 

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2. Video Content in SaaS 

Video content is becoming popular in SaaS content marketing. There are different types of video content, like,

  • Explainer videos
  • Animation videos
  • Customer testimonials
  • Product demos
  • And more.
Video Marketing Benefits of SaaS Companies
  • Video can make it up to 50 times easier to rank one of your web pages on the first Google page. 
  • The head of B2B buyers stated that they prefer video content with 95% approval. 
  • 95% of product messages are retained through videos, compared to only about 10% when through plainly written text. 
  • A study revealed more than 60% customers are willing to buy a certain product after watching at least two minutes of the related videos.

The trend is now going towards short-form videos that align the attention of your audience and requirements. You can leverage platforms like linkedln, Instagram for video content marketing, and they are becoming popular nowadays. Adding video content to email campaigns is getting more attention in SaaS content marketing.

3. Use Of Content Communities

Building communities is always the best idea for businesses. This helps you increase loyalty and customer engagement to your SaaS businesses. There are so many platforms for you, like Slack and Quora, where you can create dedicated spaces. This strategy helps you discuss, share, and get more support for your businesses. Communities like this provide user-generated content and feedback that is invaluable for refining product offerings and creating targeted content. 

4. Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization

In recent years, voice-activated devices have become more common in homes and businesses, making it important for SaaS companies to target voice searches. This means rewriting content in more natural language and changing its format to be more similar to spoken speech in order to conform to queries. 

Informational articles such as FAQs, how-to guides, and any content that is likely to be phrased by the user as a question to the voice assistant are now expected to be organized and presented that way. This shift benefits SaaS brands by increasing their visibility within voice search engine result pages or VEPRs to capture traffic under this mode of search.

5. AI-Generated Content

AI is used to create content for SaaS companies. Its utilization has assumed a significant advantage since it makes it easier to create content with relatively high quality and consistency across the organization. AI instruments are used to generate the initial drafts of blog posts, create individual messages for email marketing, and even write advertising texts. 

By the year 2024, artificial intelligence technology had progressed to such an extent that the material posted on social media looked like a human being writing it. And the best thing about such articles is that you can have as many articles as you want, all of them well-written and at a very low price. However, even here, the best practice would be to use AI-driven content with proper supervision of its quality and the fact that it will still be as varied and creative but with a shared general idea of the brand.

6. Focusing on Customer Education

While consumers generally understand the concept of SaaS enablement regularly, new products and services entail higher expectations regarding customer education as the key driver of content marketing. Not only does educational content act as a tool for breaking the entry barriers for potential customers, but it is also helpful in maintaining customer loyalty, as it educates users to get the maximum out of the product they have invested in. 

Focus On Customed Education in SaaS
  • Awareness: Introduce the SaaS product with basic guides, webinars, and videos highlighting its value and features.
  • Sell: Provide detailed demonstrations and case studies to show how the product fits into potential customers’ workflows.
  • Implement: Offer step-by-step setup guides and video tutorials for new users to facilitate smooth onboarding.
  • Adopt: Ensure deep integration by providing advanced training, best practices, and personalized support to resolve user-specific issues.
  • Retain: Maintain engagement through regular updates, refresher courses, and community forums to keep users informed and involved.
  • Grow: Educate existing customers about additional features, modules, or products that can enhance their experience and address broader needs.

Online classes, workshops, presentations, and detailed lectures are some of the most successful formats for spreading information about SaaS products among customers. Alongside helping the company generate conversions, this approach also builds corporate reputation and makes the company an authority in its respective field.

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As the year 2024, these are some following trends that may be witnessed in the SaaS industries related to content marketing. You have to adopt these trends, which will generate more sales and help establish closer relationships with customers, which is always what audiences may require regarding the services offered in the highly SaaS industry.

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